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Pictosphere is designed for communicating, showing, selling, appraising, buying, and connecting about art. Learn More.


Pictosphere offers a simple but revolutionary new form of non-verbal communication, particularly useful for communicating about art. Learn More.

Show and/or Sell

If you want to show and/or sell art, sign-up for free to upload and share.

Appraise and/or Buy

If you want to appraise and/or buy art, sign-up for free to see what is available.


If you are signed up and want to connect with other pictosphere users, you can browse the pictosphere show/sell and appraise/buy databases to post private messages on a one-to-one basis, and/or post publicly to everyone on pictosphere for free.

Likewise, if you are signed up and want to find connections, you can browse public postings by various criteria to zoom in on who you need to connect with for free.