Pictosphere is a trade name used by Minds-Eye-View, Inc. to market the invention of spherical media under license to the Ford Oxaal patent portfolio. But interestingly, the very first commercial forray into spherical media was not made under the Pictosphere brand, but under the IPIX brand, then owned by IPIX Corporation, to which Oxaal had shown his invention under a confidentiality agreement. Oxaal was ultimately forced to sue IPIX Corporation for patent infringement, and in a remarkable victory against a publicly traded corporation, IPIX was compelled to take a license under the Oxaal patents. After several more missteps, one of which was a vexatious lawsuit against Oxaal, IPIX Corporation declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy (on Oxaal's birthday in 2006). Today, IPIX products and services are brought to market under the IPIX trade name, which having come full circle, is now owned by Minds-Eye-View, Inc.